Healing is another form of progress.

India’s large population and an increasing focus on better healthcare has seen a rapid increase in the hospital and healthcare services segment. Operation theaters, intensive care units, rooms and wards all have different and special air conditioning and air quality norms, needing considerable investment in the way of chiller facilities to be installed. Kirloskar Chillers Turbotek® Centrifugal Chillers and Prodigy® Screw Chillers is a part of these critical applications, enabling our hospital customers to provide quality healthcare services to their patients and a comfortable working environment to the medical staff and visitors.

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At the end of the information highway is the realization of potential.

Building potential, one brick at a time.

Developing the future.

Being the catalyst and the change.

Healing is the first step towards building a future full of possibilities.

We help unleash the power of the atom.

Unbridled potential is built on preservation.

It takes industry to forge ahead.

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Space: The perfect metaphor for human potential.

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